In our often claustrophobic existence, viewing wide open spaces is always a comfort. Although tiny homes, crammed cars, and small work spaces characterize much of our shrinking working world, there’s always an expanse nearby waiting to be visited with open arms. At least, in Colorado.

If even just for a few short hours, having regular periods of distance from the people and situations we are closest to in life allow our relationships room to breath. No one wants to suffocate, or to be suffocated and living with and amongst others, sometimes in a stacked situation, can have a stifling effect on our mental state.

Practicing alone and away with a camera help us realign our values. Life has a way of jarring us loose, beating us down, and leaving us for dead. Nature has a healing presence that brings us back to center, invigorates our passions, and helps us let go of the negativity we might be holding onto.

The way the clouds peel out across the open sky and summer storms get their start overhead as you watch, wait, and listen. Really, for no particular reason at all, but the way the beauty unfolds before your eyes is rejuvenating. Truly, wonderful things do come when we wait patiently, alone.

This particular afternoon, I was outrunning the storm pictured. It didn’t turn vicious, but heavy rain and lightening are the norm at this altitude. Geographically, the location of this shot is Triangle Park in the Meadow Lake Campground, near New Castle, CO. A flat tire out here is not advised. It’s just remote enough that, yes, your journey can become perilous if you’re unprepared. It’s electric start for me and boogie, boogie, boogie.

When we don’t practice alone and away, we neglect what nature can do, what nature is, how our mind needs space to expand, space to understand, and space to wonder. Do you know where that space is for you? It doesn’t have to be big and fancy, but it does have to work for you. You’ll know your space by the peace it provides, the refreshment it contains, and the clarity it boasts.

Solitude isn’t something to be feared, it’s something to be embraced and valued. We must never lose our taste for the lonely expansive places as they provide nourishment to our hearts for which there’s no substitute. Truly, these are fields of dreams that, unless we go there, will remain unseen.

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