journal 16

All my mindless drivel. Somehow, I am thinking it’s mindful drivel. That what’s coming out of my mind is worth reading. Worth something to another human brain. I suppose that’s what all art is about. Making something that’s worth something to someone else. Creating something unique that’s worth sharing.

Defining art has really changed over the last 10 years. Not that what we see now is no longer art, but it seems that fast art rules the roost. The quicker the art can be produced, the better. The more art, the better, so we say. 

My mind doesn’t work that quickly. I am not sure if I can digest everything that is coming at me through this screen. Nor should I. Art, as it were, being read.

Timelessness. As it were. Something that will stand the test of time. Survive the scroll. Some book. Some thought that lifts the human spirit to a new realm. To a place it wouldn’t be otherwise. Would not have been reached.

It takes a lot of work to write. A lot of work to write something original. To create a “tool” of a book. A text on a shelf that stays, not because of the author, but because of the content. Oh, what did that line say again? How was it put?

Or, something before it’s time. An enigma. Anything, but mindless. With a book jacket to thrown away and forgotten. I suppose writing anything memorable would suffice and that work, in the scrolling culture of 2023, is become more rare. Mindlessness might be winning for now, but that doesn’t mean creators shouldn’t create mindfully.