journal 17

What benefit is it of mine to turn to others and stare into the window of their life as they drive past and how has the definition of caring about others changed in the last decade? What benefit do we find when we know things about others business? Their comings and goings don’t have much to do with our personal growth, but, sometimes, acquaintances become the center of things. What good is it to know all the surface level things of someone’s life. Where they work, vacation, etc. Today, we call knowing things about someone, knowing them. This has, I believe a dramatic effect on relationships and also being human. Yes, I know them. Well, we know a lot about a little is all we know. Surface level knowing does little for our relationships because it’s by being known and knowing that we experience a meaningful life. That is, the level of belonging we experience is directly related to the depth of relationships we develop. Lot’s of depth means lots of belonging. Lot’s of surface level mumbo jumbo means distrust, skepticism, and secrets. Today, people barely have time to “keep in touch.” And what does it mean to “catch up.” We, literally, expect people to catch up with us online? I am confused how this is all supposed to work. You want to know who I am from the internet? Is this where big tech was leading us all along? Alone and together? Taking a photo dump. We think we can care from afar, but the truth is that while technology has progressed by heaps, the human brain has not evolved at the same pace. We still need human contact. Loads of it. And social media is an impoverished substitute to real life relationships. Really, what we accept as normal now in terms of human behavior should be vehemently apposed. To question the adoption of technology is to question progress and who wants to be a stick in the mud? Be old fashioned, see a friend in person. Can’t believe I am even typing that, but that’s where we are.