alone and away


  • A summer’s view atop meadow Lake, CO.
  • Tightly wrapped canvas on sturdy wooden frame.
  • Size is 11x11x1.5 hand signed and marked with the year.
  • Please allow 2 business weeks for delivery. US shipping only.
  • $135 shipped to lower 48.

In our often claustrophobic existence, viewing wide open spaces is always a comfort. Although tiny homes, crammed cars, and small work spaces characterize much of our shrinking working world, there’s always an expanse nearby waiting to be visited with open arms. At least, in Colorado.

If even just for a few short hours, having regular periods of distance from the people and situations we are closest to in life allow our relationships room to breath. No one wants to suffocate, or to be suffocated and living with and amongst others, sometimes in a stacked situation, can have a stifling effect on our mental state.

Practicing alone and away with a camera help us realign our values. Life has a way of jarring us loose, beating us down, and leaving us for dead. Nature has a healing presence that brings us back to center, invigorates our passions, and helps us let go of the negativity we might be holding onto.

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