art is everywhere


  • A view through a sunroof after a spring rain, Grand Junction, CO.
  • Tightly wrapped canvas on sturdy wooden frame.
  • Size is 11x11x1.5 hand signed and marked with the year.
  • Please allow 2 business weeks for delivery. US shipping only.
  • $135 shipped to lower 48.

Art is everywhere. On a fire hydrant, on a tree trunk, in your home, and sometimes, on the sun roof of your car in the supermarket parking lot after a light rain. This isn’t to say that everything is art, because much of what we see today within the city limits is mass produced, with little details in the design, and meant to blend in, but, regardless of the bland landscape in which most of our daily lives operate, we’ll see more art when we open our creative eyes.

Living with creative eyes is an important practice for creators because, as photographers, one of our most common ruts is getting stuck thinking we need to be “somewhere” in order to produce great work. This kind of defeatist thinking leads us to keeping the camera in the pocket/bag and slowly draws us away from what we love most: shooting photos.

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