rise and shine


  • A colorful sunrise of Mount Sopris, CO.
  • Tightly wrapped canvas on sturdy wooden frame.
  • Size is 11x11x1.5 hand signed and marked with the year.
  • Please allow 2 business weeks for delivery. US shipping only.
  • $135 shipped to lower 48.

As a kid, growing up in my house, the Saturday morning wake-up call was Dad’s rendition of “America the Beautiful”. Wow. As a teenager, thank you very little. The way it was sung could, literally, raise the dead. Belted out like a screeching alley dog, howling, writhing in pain, off tune, and, all around, terrible on purpose, I would be jolted from precious REM. He would holler continuously, slowly making his way to the windows, draw the curtains, and, in the most succinct tone possible, would say: rise and shine, daylight’s burning.

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